Initiatives & Programs


It is a Self-employment drive for Women. We are on a Mission to Empower 2000 women to gain/enhance their skills in ten different categories and start earning. The categories that we have identified are Fashion Designing, Baking, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Partum Care and Parenting, Online reselling, Accounting & Tax Filing, Stock Trading, Plumbing, Crafting, Driving and Car Washing.

This is a drive with an aim to get 250 graduates from poor backgrounds to get into Corporate companies. Train the Trainer program for 25 female graduates to take up soft skills training as a career will as well fetch them jobs in many companies.

Wellness Wave

Preventive healthcare campaigns and kit distribution in slums and other epidemic prone areas. First aid and trauma care training campaigns.Mental health awareness campaigns.Awareness on child abuse and Posco Act. Session Talks about child abuse and child trafficking, Time Management. Survey to identify the school dropouts, domestic workers and daily wages and to find out the percentage of school going children.

Clean India

The solution to pollution campaigns, events to connect innovators' hands with the world. "Making cities green and clean" campaigns for environmental changes. Water conservation campaigns, Educating the need for environmental changes, the importance of being hygienic and how to keep the surroundings of their area clean and neat are the main subject of knowledge sharing.


Cess to clean water & sanitation is critical in keeping individuals safe. We look forward to adopting as many villages to support for their basic amenities and will be initiating developmental activities to transform the villages into model villages. SAMS Trust guarantees of such a living to the people in Villages, that no one would ever migrate to the glamourous urban cities for a living but take care of the agriculture. We recently identified a village named "Kalabam", in Pudhukottai district of Tamilnadu that was deprived of access to basic natural resources. WATER was restored with bore well facility and felt happy to see the villagers lead a happy life.