Charitable Donation

We seek help to those in need, in any form or shape by giving money, goods or time to the less privileged as a humanitarian act.


It’s a call for like-minded persons to join hands in all our initiatives. Mentors who have the inclination and time shall partner with us. Together we can make it a beautiful world around us for us and the generations to come.

Social Transformation

We design Societal Advancement & Mentoring projects, with a cost estimation and project schedule for the execution, which will support the community that we serve to change their lives from good to great.

Projects identified for the first year


Empowering 2000 women to gain skills and start earning. (Self employment drive for women)
Skill development drive with an aim to get 250 graduates from poor background to get into corporate companies
Train the Trainer program for 25 female graduates to take up soft skills training as a career


Preventive healthcare campaigns and kit distribution in slums and other epidemic prone areas.
First aid and trauma care training campaigns.
Mental health awareness campaigns


Solution to pollution campaigns, events to connect innovators hands with the world.
Making cities green campaigns
Water conservation campaigns

Our Initiatives & Programs

Educating the less fortune to help them build a decent life.
• Long term support for school going children
• Grants and Scholarships for higher education
• Short term skill enhancement programs for women of BPL
• Children
• Villages/Slums

Healthcare/Awareness camps
• Cure/Treatment
• Preventive Healthcare
Protect / Sustain earth
• Clean India
• Beautifying Cities
• Solution for Pollution

Why Choose Us ?

Our System

The periodical survey report provided by our dedicated volunteers on the ground realities of people living in remote areas of Karnataka, help us support them efficiently.

Good to Great

The people who are being supported by SAMS Trust for education, career building, health and hygiene has changed their economic conditions.

Human Life Value

We believe that the ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.

Our Patron

We are supported, mentored and motivated through the inspiring guidance of Dr. Ram Narayan, a Philanthropist who was the instrumental in establishing SAMS Trust.

Aims & Objectives

To campaign and provide adequate medical and developmental facilities in rural and urban areas.
To campaign and provide physical, financial, and moral support for formal education guidance.
To guide/refer other organizations to rehabilitate homeless/destitute children/women.
To campaign and organize periodical health awareness and community development programs.
To identify the potentials of an individual and support for building his / her career through a proper
guidance and support

Be A Volunteer

"We works for betterment & Welfare of women, children in need of care and protection and differently abled individuals."

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