About Us

SAMS Trust

It is an organization that has embarked on a journey since 2016 to empower people to make this world a better place for the generations to come. The Founder, Managing Trustee, is a Mentor, Trainer and a Philanthropist.

While most other organizations of the ilk are providers, SAMS Trust would like to consider itself as an enabler by helping those in need to enable themselves and their family and then to people around their community in a very human way.

Founder's Message

I have a passion for helping others and a heart with compassion. I don’t have time to hate anyone. I feel happy that I am in the business of helping the community by speaking the truth always and dedicate rest of my life towards the long time goal of passing on the legacy of my Mentor to this world.

My nation is facing hardships today because of the lack of understanding the human values. To bring a positive transformation in families and society at large, I believe empowering the lives of people by uplifting them through Wellness and Wellbeing awareness programs, Educational programs, Experiential Training programs, Skill Enhancement programs, Individual and Corporate Sponsorships and inculcate strongly in the minds that everyone has the right to live a full life.

The path that SAMS Trust creates for people is to choose, learn and grow in their lives, no matter what their age, qualification, religion, caste or creed may be. Eventually, it will be one of the best process for measuring and improving trust and accountability of an individual.

Our Values



Our vision is to live in a country where people of different beliefs and backgrounds work together with openness and kindness to solve our nation’s most difficult social problems.



To empower the less empowered through various activities including but not limited to, various skills development programs enabling job creations, healthcare programs, women empowerment campaigns, education assistance and so on.