We strive to make the world live in an environment rich in natural resources, free of pollution & dust. Our idea is to promote a sustainable living with zero impact on environment. With the alarming situation the world is facing, it’s high time we bring back the lost vegetation, ecosystem to ensure healthy living. SAMS Trust says a NO to global warming and climate change!



#Savebangalore #reclaimbangalorecity #savegardencity

We are up with an initiative to plant trees in and around Bangalore to reclaim the Garden city. Having realized that environment protection helps in protecting humanity, biodiversity, natural habitats, food chains, and globe as a whole, Sams trust aims at solving various health and environmental issues caused due to negligence.


  • environment helps in protecting the ecosystem
  • Humans have a moral obligation to preserve nature and its features:
  • Forests provide raw materials for various consumer products
  • It is a way to give to your generation
  • The trees that are a significant part of the environment helps in keeping the climate cool
  • A balanced ecosystem results in rain
  • Trees, a significant part of the environment, play a critical role in the refilling of aquifers
  • Trees help in keeping dirt in its place
  • Many animals need the environment for survival
  • The environment provides an excellent source of groundwater
  • The forest gives us clean air
  • Maintaining the environment leads to less solar radiation
  • forests stabilizes noise pollution
  • Maintaining the environment slows down global warming

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” …

upcoming projects

  1. Solution to pollution campaigns
  2. Water conservation campaigns