Let them dream! SAMS Trust is working towards creating a new perspective of life in people through sponsorship and training. Our idea is to generate a generation that never fails to dream and achieve them. We create platforms for them to dream of a healthier and fulfilling future.

“the disproportionate responsibility that women bear for carrying out unpaid work is an important constraint on their capacity to realize their rights… Both women and men need time to care for their families and communities, and time free from such care.”

SAMS Trust is into training 250 financially weak women to get into corporate companies. We train graduates in trainers program to become lifetime life coaches.

Project AADHYA

We, educate the underprivileged and marginalized for a better tomorrow. SAMS Trust’s another initiative is Project AADHYA which is intended to add value to 2000 women across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.


AADHYA is another name of goddess Durga.

The core objective is to spread the idea that a woman is not less than any
man and given the tools and skills, they can bring in positive transformation in the society. We empower women to live an enriched life.

Project AADHYA, a drive to better/double income in the underprivileged families by equipping women with relevant skill set across various domains such as baking, driving, tax filing, fashion designing, postpartum care, web development, stock trading, mobile phone mechanic, plumbing, life coach, online reselling, beauty care, craft, graphic design, and so on…