About us

SAMS Trust is an organization that has embarked on a journey since 2016 to empower people to make this world a better place for generations to come. While most other organizations of the ilk are providers, SAMS Trust would like to consider itself as an enabler by helping those in need to enable themselves to provide for themselves and their family.

We create paths for people to choose, learn and grow in their lives. No matter, what their age, qualification, religion, caste or creed may be, they could always start over, provided, they are given the right guidance, direction, knowledge base and skills. We believe in empowering the lives of people by uplifting them through education, training and skill development programs. 

Together, we can make it a beautiful world around us for us and the generations to come.


Our vision is to live in a country where people of different beliefs and backgrounds work together with openness and kindness to solve our nation’s most difficult social challenges.


To empower the less empowered through various activities including but not limited to various skill development programs enabling job creation, healthcare programs, women empowerment campaigns, educational assistance, and so on. We work to lift communities & individuals to enjoy financial independence & new perspectives.

The Founder

Hemalatha is undisputedly a synonym for community services. While having a successful career span of over 3 decades in entrepreneurship, marketing, print and visual media, leadership training, and web designing, she has equally been in the community services domain empowering people and communities through various charity activities. All India Achievers Conference conferring on her the “Gem of India” title in 2010 was a proof of her caliber, and certainly making her an exemplar of women empowerment.

Her love for people, empowering them to live a big and bold life made her embark on this journey of SAMS Trust to make our country a better and happier place for the generations to come. She strongly believes that, one shouldn’t wait for the country to change; rather, we must be the change the country wants to have. Moreover, she has mentored many thousands of people who now are influenced by her mission and vision and are advocating those.